In addition to the fact that freeze-dried food has a very long shelf life, it should be noted that during the sublimation process it does not lose any nutritional value. This means that the freeze-dried fruit will have exactly the same nutritional value as the same fruit picked from the bush a few minutes earlier, with the weight of the former being much less. With the technology of freeze-drying in our hands we have a wide range of possibilities to fill our pantries with tasty freeze-dried fruits for many years, but most of all the prospects to earn money. Wondering how owning a compact or industrial lyophilizer can benefit your business profits? We’ll give you a hint!

Don’t get left behind and market your fruit well

Last months have shown that although the situation on the world market seems to be stable, “around the corner” may lurk problems we have not faced before. In such situations, it is good to be prepared for any hurdles thrown our way, and in the case of farmers, fruit growers and food entrepreneurs, such preparation can be just that compact freeze-dryers or industrial freeze-dryers. In addition, having food sublimation technology can give us an advantage in the fight for market share, as it allows us to at least meet the prices dedicated by buyers. The use of sublimation technology has so far been available only to large companies with equipment costing millions of zlotys. Today, the ability to produce freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is also available to small and medium-sized businesses, and what’s better – it can bring them decent profits! There is no denying that in the coming years, the demand for freeze-dried fruits, as well as other products created with sublimation technology will grow, and sleeping on the right moment to enter the market could cost us a lot. But despite knowing that such a turn of events seems natural, questions arise in our heads: how can I make money on this? Who will buy freeze-dried food from me? Where will I be able to sell it? You will find the answer below!

Freeze-dried fruits in candy stores

In recent years, there has been a tendency for the number of bakeries to decrease in favor of confectioneries, and consequently, for the latter, the competition is growing all the time. So it is obvious that confectioners, in order to keep their clients and acquire new ones, will look for less obvious solutions. They are already looking for innovative solutions that will allow them to increase their market share, and one of them is undoubtedly the use of freeze-dried fruits in confectionery. One of them is undoubtedly the use of freeze-dried fruits in confectionery. In their case, the long shelf life will be undoubtedly appreciated, because sometimes it is difficult to get access to fruits which bloom season is short. For example, before Christmas, when pastry shops are under siege, freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries can be worth their weight in gold. The fact that freeze-dried fruits will revolutionize the confectionery market is only a thesis so far, but will probably become a fact within the next few years. And after all, we all know at least a few pastry shops in our neighborhood, right? Recently, American researchers have shown that freeze-dried fruits act as natural stabilizers for ice cream and desserts.

Lyophilized fruits in health food stores

Living in the 21st century, we have many privileges that our ancestors did not have. One of them is the fact that we can choose what goes on our plate, which means that healthy food, including freeze-dried products, are increasingly on consumers’ tables. The needs of the market need to be filled quickly, so even in smaller towns we can find specialist stores with healthy food, and watching our western neighbors, it is certain that the growing trend in the coming years will be maintained. Customers who store at these stores undoubtedly pay special attention to the quality of the product, which must be as high as possible, whether it is organic, but also – and this is often forgotten – whether it comes from local suppliers. However, freeze-dried fruits don’t have to replenish the stocks of local stores, because their suitability for consumption allows them to easily supply the shelves even outside the country.

Liophilized fruit in schools and school stores

For the sake of their children’s health, parents are looking for the best alternatives to unhealthy sweets, which children are so fond of, and which unfortunately do not serve them as well as us – adults. However, lyophilized fruit or fruit bars are a great option to those snacks filled with unhealthy sugars. Such a snack certainly stands out because in addition to its energy value, which gives kids the strength to play and learn – it’s also a vitamin bomb! Such bars and fruit can be available for them both in the school store, but also as a supplement to lunches in school canteens.

Freeze-dried fruits in online stores

Probably each of us at least once ordered something online. Probably sometimes the situation forced us to do it, but more often because it is simply convenient. This form gives us the opportunity to buy almost any thing without leaving home. No wonder that this method of shopping is becoming more and more popular – as evidenced by the numbers, food sales through online stores are growing by about 5% year on year and there is no sign of this changing! Running an online store has many advantages. One of them is that you don’t need a stationary store – which means that regulations are much looser, but an even more important advantage is that you can sell all over the country and even abroad. The role of online stores has also increased in recent months due to the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. However, where some make a profit, others make a loss, and in this case the losers were the producers of food, which thanks to the freeze-drying method would certainly not be thrown away – as is probably the case in many cases – but would gain new life and could fill many bellies!

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