Compact M-series freeze dryers

Compact freeze dryers for fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, herbs and many other products. The small dimensions of the devices in this series make them an excellent choice for restaurants, confectioneries, fruit producers and entrepreneurs who are just starting their adventure with freeze-drying.

Compact L-series freeze dryers

A series of large freeze dryers with increased efficiency. They are as universal as their smaller counterparts from the M series, but the larger drying area and power make them suitable for medium and large enterprises.

Laboratory freeze dryers

LAB series freeze dryers are intended mainly for laboratories and research institutions. Different capacities allow you to adjust the appropriate machine to your individual needs. FrostX LAB series: - Possibility of precise pressure (1Pa) and temperature (1K) setting. - Continuous monitoring of parameters on the LCD display. - Possibility of connecting a PC, saving all parameters with a resolution of 1 seconds - Multipoint temperature measurement - Possibility to install additional devices inside the chamber and introduce signal and voltage cables outside the device (additional vacuum feed-through) - Possibility of accelerated freezing of products with the use of forced air circulation inside the chamber.